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Relentless Italian Style Sofa Cover

I’ve been looking for a proper sofa cover since the break of dawn. I have literally never found one. Until now. Let me just say before the big reveal, I’ve been in many houses and apartments… I can’t tell you how many houses in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, we’re talking serious real estate, have used towels and old blankets on their sofas.(Haha- true story!) There is literally nothing out there, until now. I also love their bowls, and car seat covers. Get a dog bed while you’re at it. #obsessed

They’re comfy and cozy and very easy to clean. Life is easier and more functional with these covers. As my early holiday gift to you, use the promo code: JACKIE30 to get 30% off your entire order on the It’s good for the full-priced stuff, which is also known as the msrp. This promo code will be good through 12/24/2016. Seriously, DO NOT WAIT. This stuff is not made in mass quantity and they do run out. Just get it now. #treschic




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