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The Best Family Dogs

Training family dogs is my speciality and it’s also something I have first hand experience in. This is a long list for small dogs and a short list for big dogs. Picking a great family dog boils down to energy level, playfulness and safety.

Corgis are great family dogs as well if you want a smaller dog. They’re cute and happy all the time. Corgi’s are playful and since they’re a working breed, they usually love to play fetch or other games that work out their body and mind. They’re great with kids and other dogs. The Queen of England has 5 of them, so if anyone would be a testament to the greatness of this breed, there ya go!

Pugs are great family dogs because even though they are small dogs, they are hearty and very social. They don’t need a lot of walking, because who are we kidding here, our kids say they want a dog and yet they don’t want to walk the dog. Even though they aren’t going to participate in a marathon with you, they are very social and can’t be left alone for more than a short period of time. Disclaimer: they shed to the equivalent of being in a busy hair salon.

If you decide to go with a terrier, which many people choose for their non-shedding breeds couple things you should know: plan for a budget for their haircare/ grooming needs. They’ll need to go every 4-8 weeks if you like a shorter cut, which is also known as a puppy cut. Terriers are also great because they are portable and you can travel with them with relative ease. There is only one small downside to terriers: they take longer to potty train than most breeds. There are always exceptions, but just know you have to be militant when it comes to successful potty training, especially for terriers. Give yourself an extra 6 months with a terrier.

Now for my two favorite breeds for families and single people alike. Keep in mind, even if you are getting a dog while you’re single, it’s most likely that your dog will transition into marriage/ domestic partnership and kids with you. I love Golden Retrievers. By far the best dog I’ve ever had is my White Golden Bridget. I never understood the obsession people had with this breed… until I had my own. She’s a real dog. She loves being outside more than inside. She is gentle and will approach people and give you her head. She’s also a good watch dog and keeps the house safe. She has regular visits to the spa and the shedding is minimal. Bridget is also 50 lbs, which is small for a golden.

Labrador Retrievers are the other favorite. The English Labs in particular. I love their calm and mellow demeanor. I love their big block head and chunky body. They’re easily trained and healthy dogs. Great with kids, adults and other dogs. Downside: In my opinion they shed the most of any breed. Solution: They can make regular trips to the beauty shop and get a buzz cut. This reduces the shedding to almost nothing and it doesn’t even look like they are shaven. #boom #done

One word of advice, as much as we all love to replicate the dog we grew up with, which in my case was a German Shorthaired Pointer, so I went and got a hunting dog- a Beagle mix, which was a hug mistake because I live in the city where there’s not a whole lotta huntin goin on. #ipayedtheprice Pick a dog that suits your lifestyle. Even if you have a backyard, dogs like to WALK WALK WALK. So make sure walking is a part of your lifestyle. You can always call me for a quickie 15 minute consult and I can help you objectively assess the breed that suits you best. #goodvibesonly

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