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California Dog Joint Formula Launches On Amazon Prime

Now Available From The Canine Couch AND Amazon Prime.

The Canine Couch, founded by dog training specialist and social media influencer, Jacqueline Yedgar,  has recently launched a brand of dog supplements, California Dog Joint Formula. California Dog has a Probiotic which is also available on Amazon Prime.  California Dog Supplements by The Canine Couch is a holistic brand of supplements focused on offering a high grade, human quality, locally made supplements that promote quality of life for your dog.

California Dog’s founder Jacqueline Yedgar has over two decades of experience  in the dog industry. She has worked all breeds and sizes as a trainer. She noticed the market was underserved when it came to offering a joint formula and probiotic that was so well made, even humans could take it.  These well constructed supplements are are made in a lab that only source the highest quality ingredients.

According to Jacqueline, the California Dog Joint Formulas was designed to support healthy joints for dogs, which makes it an essential supplement for many reasons for dogs of all ages. Experts believe these special health supplements are necessary for dogs with a homemade or raw food diet, as well as a high quality kibble.

When talking about California Dog Joint Formula Jacqueline said, “Every good vet recommends a joint formula with natural MSM, for all dogs, of all ages as arthritis preventative, especially for large dog breeds like German Shepherds and Retrievers. I developed this joint formula because there is nothing like it out there.  It’s locally made here in Los Angeles so I can oversee see every detail of this product so your dog can live their best life. I hope your dog flourishes on these supplements the way my Golden Retriever Bridget has, (She’s chasing squirrels again at the age of 11 years young!) which is why we have a money back guarantee.”

California Dog Joint Formula contains GLUCOSAMINE that supports joint hydration, mobility and comfort. Glucosamine is recommended by vets and nutritional experts as the best supplement for its joint protection and repair abilities.  California Dog Joint Formula Supplement is available here at The Canine Couch for purchase and on Amazon Prime:

Jacqueline specializes in puppy training for dogs and problem solving for their owners. Her approach is unique in that she sets up the win/ win as opposed to schooling dog parents about what they are doing wrong. Jacqueline possesses over 15 years of experience working with dogs, today she provides remote counseling for pet owners on how they can best train new puppies and resolve the most common behavioral problems. Her services include nutritional wellness for dogs.  


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Jacqueline Yedgar

California Dog Supplements by The Canine Couch

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